How to Type Better
You can learn to type better by practicing. Typing with greater accuracy and speed on the job allows you to get more done and convey a professional image. Although you can hunt and peck your way around a keyboard, formal training courses can help you memorize the keyboard layout, improve your typing skills and even become a rapid touch typist. By making fewer mistakes, you can impress your boss, your colleagues and your customers. Using free resources, you can improve your work efficiency and typing effectiveness in just a few minutes a day.

Review Tutorials

  • Completing free online tutorials allows you to get new tips and tricks you may not have known about. For example, lessons typically start by providing an introduction to which finger you should use for each letter on the keyboard. Subsequent lessons and drills teach how to use other keys, such as the shift key. You can repeat the steps you learn in the drills to help you memorize the position of the letters and improve your times. This activity enables you to develop and improve your typing technique. When you don’t have to look down at your keyboard to find the letters, you can type faster, more accurately and with more precision, which may even reduce the stress on your wrists.

Practice Drills

  • Online practice drills can help you develop your technique for typing text and entering numerical data. If data entry is an important part of your job, you probably want to get better at using a keyboard number pad, or 10-key, too. Start with practice drills that will hone your skills on the portion of the keyboard you use most often. Completing increasingly difficult practice levels helps you learn to type better and possibly become an expert “touch typist” who knows the keyboard through muscle memory. Some sites require you to register because they track and monitor your progress for statistical purposes.

Play Games

  • If you tend to be motivated by speed and competition, online typing games represent a unique opportunity for you, along with your friends and new acquaintances, to have some fun while developing better typing skills. Games typically have a theme, such as dinosaurs, kayaking or cooking, geared toward a particular age group, interest or occupation. Some games or contests include races, action and adventure to help you improve your agility with the keyboard.

Test Yourself

  • Most jobs today require some sort of typing skill, and employers routinely test applicants to confirm that the words-per-minute figures reported on resumes are accurate. Solid typing ability makes you a more productive employee whether you are emailing, writing a report or participating in social media applications for your company. Test yourself from your own home or local library to assess your skills before you have to take a speed and accuracy test as part of the application, interview or orientation process for a new job. These tests allow you to check yourself under the pressure of a ticking clock, but without the embarrassment of displaying your skills in front of others.

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