Games for Practicing Typing for Kids in the Sixth Grade
Typing games are a great way to learn or improve typing skills. Child psychologist Roberta Michnick Golinkoff says these games are highly effective learning tools for children. Typing games also allow competition among friends, which provides a strong incentive to improve typing skills. Sixth-graders relish opportunities to learn in a playful way, and their need to competently use technology means that it is important for them to learn typing skills.

Type Racer

  • Type Racer is a simple game that can be played in just a few minutes. Players are given a paragraph of text to type, and every time they type a letter a race car moves forward. This game can be played alone or with other anonymous solo players. Kids also can challenge friends to race against them. The game places no limit on how many people can play, which makes it a great game for an entire classroom of sixth-graders.

Typing Maniac

  • This Facebook-based game allows kids to use Facebook in an educational way. It features falling words which players must type before the words hit the bottom of the screen. At each level words move faster toward the bottom. Players can also use power-ups to slow down the words, get rid of all words currently on the screen or reset their missed number of words. Note that a Facebook account is needed to play this game.

Desert Typing Racer

  • Modeled after arcade-style racing games, this three-dimensional game allows kids to race other players through the desert. The faster and more accurately players type the words that appear on the screen, the faster their cars go. Players can race friends stationed at different computers or play by themselves. At the end of each race, a player will progress to the next level, where they will have to type faster and more accurately in order to win.

Online Chat

  • Though teachers may not think of chatting online as a game, kids enjoy it. Creating games around online chat can be a great way to channel children’s social relationships into improved typing skills. Encourage students to set up online chat accounts. Allow students to chat with one another and then give them paragraphs to type in the middle of chatting. The student who types the paragraphs fastest and most accurately should get a prize. This game also teaches students listening and concentration skills because it requires them to suddenly stop chatting with their friends and fulfill a typing assignment.

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