Awesome Fun Free Typing Games for Beginners
Almost all schools and jobs require students and employees to know how to use computers. One of the most important aspects of knowing how to use a computer is knowing how to type properly. Typing properly doesn’t just mean typing accurately, it also means to type quickly without looking down at your keyboard. Instead of learning how to type with a boring typing program, play some free and fun typing games online. There are many different games to choose from that will appeal to a number of different age groups.


  • Boggle started as a classic hand-held game that you would shake to “boggle” the letters inside the game cube. You would then start with one letter and try to make as many words as you could from the letters surrounding the first letter. The person who found the most words was the winner. This fun, classic game can now be played online for free. You can even set up the game to play others on the Internet to see who can create the most words and get the most points. In playing against another person, you have to type quickly — without looking at your keyboard to prevent yourself from wasting too much time — to win the round. This fun and free game can be played by kids and adults of all ages, and can be found at

Book of Treasures

  • Book of Treasures is a great word scramble game that is perfect for kids and adults alike. With six letters given to you, you have to make as many 3-letter, 4-letter, 5-letter and 6-letter words as possible before the time runs out. You can earn extra time on the time clock by figuring out the larger words. This game helps to improve typing by forcing you to type quickly, accurately and without looking at the keyboard to create different words before you time is up. This game can also be played on

Keyboard Revolution

  • For younger and beginning typers, Keyboard Revolution is a good choice. Set up your level — Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced — choose from a dancing duck, penguin, man or ballerina, then choose your music. Once the music starts, you’ll see different letters float across the screen. Type each letter on your keyboard as quickly as you can to get your avatar to dance on the computer screen. This game can be found on

Typing Monster

  • Another fun, free game for younger children starting to type is Typing Monster. You have to type out an excerpt from a children’s story or fable — or the “Magic Spell” — quickly to defeat the monster. If you see a fireball shoot across the screen, you have to destroy the fireball by typing the numbers — located inside the fireball — as quickly as you can. If you can type out the numbers quickly enough, the fireball will take one of your lives. This game can be played at

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