Tips to On Becoming a Gaming Writer

You will get a thousand of tips when you ask how to become a gaming writer. But what does a gaming writer have to tell to an aspiring game writers? We talked to many gaming content writers and asked them to give us tips on how to get into gaming writing jobs.



Yes, gaming content writing jobs are so different than other content writing jobs that gaming content writers start thinking differently. Whenever they think, they think of a video game. They review video games critically. They analyze a video game’s strength and weakness every time they think of a video game. They are occupied with these thoughts for the most of their time.

You cannot be in gaming writing jobsif you do not step into it. Start working in a company or choose a content writing websites. One of such websites, where gaming content writers are working hard to satisfy their client from all over the world, is You can start your journey to take professional gaming content writing jobs by working as one of the freelance gaming writers at In this journey, you will learn a lot of tricks and tips to hone your gaming writing skills.


Have you ever heard that gaming content writerswriting gaming reviews without playing video games? No! Gaming content writing jobs have become serious in these days. If you want to be one of the top-notch gaming content writers, you have to start playing video games.


When you talk with video game developers, you could get what his or her video game would fail to convey. So, talk with video game developers to not miss any aspect of the video game in your video gaming content writing.



No matter how much gaming content writing jobs are related to video games, but in the end it is the content writing only. The golden rule of content writing is to be creative. This golden rule could be applied to gaming writing jobs as well. You need to be creative to survive as freelance gaming writers and you have to become creative if you want to work in gaming content writing jobs.


It is not mandatory in gaming writing jobs but if you can do so, you can understand clearly how a video game is made and how much labor did it take? But if you cannot, it is well and good. Many professional gaming content writers have not developed a single game in their lifetime.


Keep these above tips if you want to become one of the successful gaming content writers in the future. Good luck!



Download Subway Surfers Hack

Subway surfers is the most popular game that can be played in both Android and iOS Smartphone at an instant. This game is very popular and similar to Temple run.

This game is very similar to the famous game Temple run, where you will need to run your character or so called avatar to escape from the character ticket inspector and his dog. Besides that you will need to collect coins, mystery boxes and bonuses. That will help you get with many rewards and keys.


In this game you will need to avoid from this fat ticket collector and also from the fast train that is coming towards you. Once you collide with the train that will completely let your avatar die and your game is over…!

Subway surfer has become so famous, because of its best features in the game and also that allows your avatar to travel around the world within a specific interval of time in the game with its best theme.

You can certainly download this subway surfer game in your Android and iOS and enjoy this lovely game which will aid you from boredom.

How to download subway surfers for PC and Mac

Subway surfers are the best game ever I have played. This game is very much compatible with both Android and iOS, but I am here to help if you are one of those who love to play this wonderful game in PC and Mac. You can download for your both PC and Mac, as it is highly compatible in both the syatem.

Basically this game is easily based on collecting coins and all types of mystery boxes that which will help you to upgrades and also unlocks to higher level in the game.

But, this game may certainly give you lots of hypertension with the higher level. Although you don’t need to worry all about it, I will share you how to hack and get all the unlimited coins and keys in the game for your avatar.

How to install subway surfer hack

Let me share you some of the best hack that you can try for your avatar in the game….If you are trying to find the best hack idea, I will help you with some secret tips below.

  • The first thing you will need to do is uninstall the old version of subway surfers.
  • Later you can download your desired tour’s apk file and attached the links below. You can also download direct to your phone using Google play store or else you can also download for your computer.
  • Finally you can open the downloaded file and then install it. Where you will be able to play subway surfer with unlimited coins and keys for your avatar.
  • And if the new version does not satisfy you, please login to your facebook account and that will help to restore your previous data.
  • This will be the same method to restore all types of game and you can enjoy it.

Subway surfers have become widely popular among the game and basically players love to hack sometimes in the game, as that provides unlimited coins and keys for you. Now it will be very much easy for you to hack this game, as i have mentioned the methods to hack in the above.



How to Play the Cranium Family Fun Game
Game night is a great way to spend time together as a family. Cranium is a popular board game for four or more players that many families choose for their family fun night. The concept focuses on trivia questions, and each player has a chance to showcase his own area of expertise. The object is to be the first team to make it around the board and enter the Cranium Central. The spaces on the board are colored, and the color you land on depicts the character card box your team will draw from.


  1. Divide players into at least two teams. Instruct each team to choose its game piece and place it on the Planet Cranium starting space.
  2. Provide each team with paper and a pencil. Place the four card character boxes out on the board (Creative Cat, Star Performer, Word Worm, Date Head). Place the timer, the die and the Cranium Clay container on the table.
  3. The first team must choose its character box and draw a card. Follow instructions on the card. The player whose birthday is closest is the first player to go on the team.
  4. Roll the die and move the appropriate number of spaces only if your team has completed the character card activity successfully; otherwise, pass the play to the team on the left. Stop on any Planet Cranium spaces you pass over during your move forward. Advance forward to the next Planet Cranium if you roll purple.
  5. Advance to the inner fast track if you successfully complete the task from the Planet Cranium card. Remain on the outer scenic track if you do not complete the task.
  6. Pass the play to the team on the left after you have advanced your playing piece.
  7. Halt the game when a Club Cranium card is drawn. All teams follow the instructions on the card to compete simultaneously against each other in a bonus round. The winning team receives a bonus roll.
  8. The winning team rolls and moves. Continue play with the team whose turn it was before the bonus round.
  9. Enter the Cranium Central at the end of the game board. When you roll, advance to the appropriate character box as indicated by the color rolled on the die.
  10. Complete the activity in Cranium Central. Advance to the next character in clockwise motion. Wait for your next turn to complete that activity.
  11. A team wins when it is the first to complete the four activities in Cranium Central.

Educational Value of Games and Sports

In our ever increasing fast pace society, having a recreational sport can give you the much needed way to relax and to stay healthy. The present way in which we live our lives in this modern society can often mean you do not get as much healthy food as you’ve probably liked, and most of the time we do not get the chance to work our body out. Thus picking up a new sport or recreational hobby can do wonders to keep us healthy and happy.

There are many ways of recreational sports activities for your choice disregarding your age bracket ranging from team to dual and outdoor to indoor. Choosing on the numerous options is sometimes confusing especially all of which are enjoyable and self-fulfilling. The decision on which type of recreation and sports activities to master is a great challenge to individuals and sometime the decisions vary from person to person.

The leisure and recreation industry is constantly growing even during tough economic times. People seem to take refuge in the fun and pleasure that recreation and amusement attractions have to offer. Employment opportunities in the leisure and recreation industry are expected to grow as the public’s leisure time grows.

The practice of Caribou hunting is common among Canadians and requires one to thrive moving via a semi rugged terrain because it rotates around one’s interest and enthusiasm. The hunting season occur at the beginning of early September till early January. It is further noted that hunting has been a success and this is based on success rates that range from 96-100%.

Healthy mind can be found only in a healthy body. In a weak body there cannot be a healthy and active mind. And for a healthy body physical exercise is a must. Without physical exercise, our body will grow weak, lethargic and dull. The aim of education is the all round development of a personality. It cannot afford to neglect the physical aspect of a student. Development of mind and body are equally important in any good education.

Movements — from the simple to the complex — are like building blocks. You must have the foundation laid before you can construct the ground floor. You’ve got to have the ground floor completed before the rest of the building can be erected. Similarly, a logical progression of motor skills is essential if children are to achieve optimal motor development. If they skip the prerequisites, they may never progress successfully from one level of skill development to the next.

For success in ballet sports and fitness, strong muscle tone must also result in fluid movement. This requires the minimal tension needed to execute a ballet movement, or position, or a physical move as required in sports training. Magnesium is a nutritional super star. It improves function in the brain, bones and muscles. In team sports, advanced ballet in pointe shoes and pas de deux, magnesium is part of the nutrition that enhances ballet/sports/fitness success.

Learn more about insurance… It’s often said that baseball is America’s favorite past time; however, Americans have all sorts of recreational activities they enjoy. What kind of recreation do you enjoy during your free time? Perhaps you like to play sports at your local park, or go surfing at your nearby beach. Maybe you’re an adventurer and enjoy rock and mountain climbing, or maybe you’d rather spend a nice quiet evening at home, hacking away at your computer on your latest novel.

How to Organize a Family Feud Game
Family Feud is a fun family game that has been around for a long time. It is played by two opposing family teams who come together to “feud.” The family that racks up the most points by providing the top answers to survey questions walks away with the prize.


  1. Think of survey questions to be asked during your Family Feud game. You can find sample questions that you can use online (see Resources).
  2. Find a bell or buzzer that can be used for the game. You will also need a stopwatch or timer to ensure that all questions are answered within the allotted time frame.
  3. Choose a game host who will be responsible for asking questions and checking answers. You can choose someone else to run the stopwatch and keep score.
  4. Decide who will participate on the two family teams and give each team a family name (the Smiths, the Wilsons, for example). The original “Family Feud” game on TV had five players per team, but it’s not necessary. Just make the teams equal in number.
  5. Choose the family leader for each team. The family leader is responsible for providing the final answer for her family after the opposing team has “struck out.”
  6. Determine the number of rounds you’ll have. Choose an odd number of rounds to avoid a tie: The team that wins the most rounds wins the game.
  7. Find a prize for the winning team. It should be something that can be split or shared among all team members, such movie tickets, cake, key chains or T-shirts.

Positive Effects of Video Games on Children

Video games can be served as a tool to educate children instead of giving entertainment only. The learning video apps are designed specifically to train children before they start their school. The learning video games can also teach a specific subject like English, science, and mathematics. Educational games makes it easy to educate preschoolers who doesn’t show any interest in books.

In this word of technology, children should be exposed to new technology to have an experience about how to use it positively. These games can introduced them with technology and let them know how to use it. This is one of the advantages of video games, you can see more benefits of educational video games below.

Motivation to learn

Learning games can motivate children to get familiar with new things. They starts liking the new challenges and pay interest even in those subjects that are thought to be difficult ones. Video games actually help them in understanding the subject easily. The plus point of video games is that children pay more attention, which helps in learning swiftly. Educational games provide exactly what is required to motivate little kids towards education.

Educational entertainment

With the educational video games, leaning and entertainment goes side by side. This new way of learning is full of fun and entertainment, which improves the child interest towards education. They never feel bored while learning difficult subjects as it is linked with the pure entertainment. Also, they start paying interest in those subjects just because of learning apps.

Learn how to interact with people

While playing the video games, children learn how to interact with people as some games allows you to chat with your companions. They become familiar with how to make new relations and how to maintain them. If there is not chat option, still they can learn how to interact because they keep sharing their progress with others.

Kids also come to know that they have to follow the rules with patience, which leaves a good impact on their personality. They also learn how to accept their defeat and how to enjoy their success. Eventually, you can say that video games help in grooming the personality of children.

Improve memory skills

With colorful graphics and cool sound features, children get attracted towards rhyming words games. Eventually, they memorize instantly what is heard and seen during the game. The start memorizing new things at great pace, which improves their overall mental ability.