How to Play the Monopoly Drinking Game
Monopoly is a fun family game that can be taken to the next level after hours. If you and your friends are looking for an entertaining drinking game, you can turn your old family favorite, Monopoly, into a party game. Like most drinking games, it is illegal to play with alcoholic beverages if you are under 21. The Monopoly drinking game is best to play with wine or beer, but can be played with mixed drinks as well. Do not play the Monopoly drinking game with straight liquor.


  1. Assign one player as the banker. The banker must pass out the money and also keep track of the drinking rules of the Monopoly drinking game.
  2. Print out one copy of the drinking game rules. These rules will be enforced by the banker throughout game play.
  3. Assign one player as the bartender. The bartender is in charge of making sure players drink when they are supposed to and they get a drink refill when their drink is empty.
  4. Instruct the banker to enforce the rules. Whenever a player rolls doubles, lands on someone else’s property, goes to jail, lands on “GO,” mortgages property, lands on “Income tax,” or pays money through “Chance” or “Community Chest,” he must drink one drink. If he or she lands one someone’s property and the property owner owns all three properties in the color row, the player must drink three times.
  5. Throughout game play, watch for mistakes. As the players become more and more intoxicated, they may inadvertently break or skip rules. It is up to the banker to determine when a player has gotten too drunk to play, and the player is then out of the game.

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