How to Play the Family Feud DVD Game
People have played and enjoyed the “Family Feud” game show for decades, and you can now play it from the comfort of your home with friends. The “Family Feud Third Edition” DVD game allows two teams to go head-to-head as they try to guess the top survey answers for more than 450 questions. Hosted by “Family Feud” host John O’Hurley, “Family Feud Third Edition” can be played by two or more players.


  1. Split your group into two teams. Make sure both teams have a score sheet and writing utensil. Designate a team writer, unless your team feels comfortable taking turns.
  2. Insert the “Family Feud Third Edition” DVD into your DVD player.
  3. Press the “Play” option on the Main Menu, using your DVD remote control. Designate the team that will play first.
  4. Write down the five most popular answers in the Round 1 slot, within thirty seconds or until the music stops, after the first question is read. The other team writes down a “Steal Answer” in the first steal slot on their scorecard.
  5. Press the “Survey Says” option when time expires. The screen will run down the top five answers, starting with No. 1.
  6. Write down the corresponding dollar amount in the spot with the correct answer (even if it isn’t your No. 1 answer). If the answer is correct, select the “Right Answer” check-mark icon to reveal the second answer. This continues until you receive all five answers are revealed; however, if the playing team gets one wrong, press the “Wrong Answer” red “X” icon.
  7. Stealing occurs when one team gets a wrong answer, and the other team uses their “Steal Answer” to match with the remaining survey answers. If the other team used the “Steal Answer,” the stealing team can change their answer before they reveal. The stealing team takes the round and the accumulated money if their “Steal Answer” is on the board.
  8. Add up the points for the round. Add the total stolen amount and the “Steal Answer” amount, and write it into the stolen answer slot for the round if the steal was successful. If the stealing team fails in their attempt, the original team retains the amount they accumulated.
  9. Pass the remote to the other team so they can play round one. The game continues in this manner through to the “Double Money” and “Triple Money” rounds, where the amounts won, or stolen, are doubled and tripled respectively.
  10. Choose the best player from both teams for the “Fast Money” round, where they will write down the top survey answers to five separate questions in 25 seconds.
  11. Press “Enter” or “OK” on your remote control to reveal the five top survey answers.
  12. Record the amounts for every right answer and total the amounts. All total amounts are accumulated and the team with the most money wins.

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