Fun Family Holiday Games
Playing games during holiday get-togethers brings families closer together than sitting around and watching the television. The best holiday games are ones that adults and children can play together. Once the generation gap has been bridged, watch the delight as family members get to truly know one another.

Holiday Trivia

  • Half the fun of playing a holiday trivia game is preparing the questions for it. Create questions that members of the family know the answers to, but that they’ll have to search their memory banks to find. Examples of questions you can write are “What dessert did Aunt Bertha bring to the Easter luncheon last year?” and “Where did Uncle Ray go to college?” Put family members in teams of two or three so that even the youngest members can participate. Keep a scorecard handy to add up points and provide prizes for the winners.

Unwrap the Gift

  • The game of Unwrap the Gift is similar to musical chairs, in that the action starts and stops with the music. Select a present that anyone in your family would enjoy winning. Wrap the present in several layers of gift wrap. Ask everyone to sit in a circle on the floor or around a table. Turn on some music and tell family members to pass the gift around. When the music stops, the person who is holding the gift gets to remove one layer of gift wrap. Keep turning the music on and off until the gift is unwrapped. The person who peels off the last layer of gift wrap wins the gift.

Apple on a Rope

  • Play Apple on a Rope during fall holiday family get-togethers during Halloween or Thanksgiving. Purchase apples with stems and tie a string to each stem. Divide your family up into teams of two. One person will hold the apple by the string while the other tries to eat through to the core as fast as possible without using her hands. The first team to complete the task successfully, wins. Warn people against choking, as laughing and chewing don’t go well together.

Holiday Charades

  • Tailor a charades game to fit the holiday your family is celebrating. Print slips of paper detailing the charade to be acted out. For Christmas, people can act out characters from “A Christmas Carol,” act out the names of Christmas songs and so on. Use inspiration from songs and movies to create slips for Halloween, Easter and other holidays. Put the slips of paper into plastic Easter eggs, tiny Christmas stockings or another prop that fits the season.

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